Sunday, July 30, 2006


korean drama acting calls

Based on a comic book series, "Princess Hours" has been the topic of a major media hype since its production started. Not only was the comic book series uncompleted, but many of those who admired the comic book watched eagerly to see how well the TV production would live up to the fame of the original book. It was also the first acting role for Yoon Eun-hye, previously a member of the music group Baby Vox, in her role as the lead character, and this generated much concern over her acting ability. All concerns aside, the TV drama was a huge success, with news of a possible second season following the finale. Fans can’t seem to get enough of it, as scandals between the leading characters Lee Shin and Chae-gyeong continue to make headlines on the media front pages.
Based on an interesting premise that Korea is still ruled by a royal family, the drama portrays a romance between two people of different social standings and backgrounds. Starting with the classical setting of an encounter between the upper and the common classes, Princess Hours has created a unique couple: a 19th century prince and a 21st century commoner. Their relationship starts as part of an arranged marriage but they soon find that they love each other. The drama also depicts how the crown prince overcomes hardships, finds true love, and becomes a respected emperor.

The use of code words to communicate as well as having subtitles, which is unusual in Korean dramas, are production tricks that have appealed to today’s younger generation. Another interesting fact is the 1.5 billion-won studio set was built especially for the production. Famed Korean designers were consulted in the creation of traditional costumes, props, and interior design. Currently at the frontline of neo-Orientalism, Princess Hours’ interior design is becoming the hottest design item in Korea.